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Virtual Escape Game on MDR

This Escape Game is the ideal tool to raise awareness among employees thanks to a playful approach that will motivate them to assimilate the essential notions of MDR.



A world first: a virtual Escape Game on Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR) composed of several challenges to make all your employees aware of the MDR requirements using a playful approach!

Each challenge is composed of multiple choice questions that must be answered in the shortest time possible. For each question, DM Experts provides a reasoned answer with links to supporting documents (regulations, guides, etc.). Each answer has been validated by several senior experts from DM Experts network.

Two possible modes of exploitation:

1. The Escape Game can be used live with the participants, in person or remotely: the moderator directs the progress of the challenge question by question and comments on the results based on the answers provided by DM Experts.

2. The Escape Game can also be used independently by the various employees, with a deadline for participation. At the end of each challenge, a discussion session can be organized to analyze and comment on the results.

DM Experts will regularly propose new challenges, in order to cover all aspects of MDR.

We can also customize the Escape Game by creating one or more challenges with your own questions: ask for a personalized quote.